Friday 19 June 2015

6 Month Favourites

Now that Ella is 6 months old - it's time I shared my favourite things I use.

She's on solids now, she actually started when she was almost 5 months, and is having 3 meals a day. I find it easier to make my own baby food - it's certainly cheaper than the pre-packaged stuff. Generally, when the Husband is home, i'll spend an afternoon stewing and pureeing different fruits and veggies which I'll then freeze. These are a couple of my must-haves to help making homemade baby food so much easier!

1. Mumi & Bubi Solids starter kit - these are amazing, they come in a pack of two, they are so easy to use when it comes to feed time as they cubes are curved so they slide right out. I've got two packs of them from Baby City.


2. Kenwood Wizzard Hand Blender - An essential for pureeing and easy to clean without having to drag out a big food processor. 

3. Babyco Patina Highchair - Aqua - Obviously, with solids feeding you sort of need somewhere to contain the squirming child whilst you try and feed it. It's not flash but I love this high chair, it's easy to clean, easy to move, reasonably priced and I love the colour! I got mine from Baby Factory when it was on sale, which it currently is now!

Bedtime favourites

4. Sleeping bags - Now that Ella is no longer swaddled in her Love to Dream she now sleeps in a sleeping bag. It's easy to use, warm with the cold winter nights we've been having and it stops her from wriggling free of her blankets and pulling them over her face. Currently, the one we are using (interchanging with a Cotton on sleeping bag) is this Plum Wild Roses 2.5 Tog sleeping bag from Baby Factory

5. Jellycat Bashful Bunny Comforter - Ella has always loved to rub soft blankets or toys on her face to help her sleep so I got her this one from Mighty Ape online - it's super soft and she loves it!
On the move!

6. Diono Rainier carseat - As you've probably seen on my Facebook page, I've had to upgrade Ella to a big girl carseat as she's out grown her Maxi-Cosi capsule. I'm in love with the Diono Rainier, in graphite, the weight and height limits mean this carseat could practically fit her until she no longer needs one! It converts from a carseat to a booster seat - so no need to buy a new one. I purchased mine off Kellie from Tether my Treasure who also installed it for me so I know that it is safe and installed properly.

7. Ergobaby Carrier Organic Navy - As I no longer have the convenient option of transferring Ella from the car, in her capsule and clipping her onto my pushchair it means I have to drag the whole contraption out every time I need to take her somewhere. The Ergo has been a lifesaver when I know I'm only going to be somewhere for a short time and I can't be bothered dragging my pushchair out. Only regret, is buying the dark colour - it's faded already!

So, there you have it just a few of the favourites/ necessities I use for Ella on a daily basis. Hopefully, these may help you in some way.

If you've got any favourites you think I just have to have, then leave me a comment down below and I will be sure to check it out!

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