Sunday 6 December 2015

VENDOR SPOTLIGHT | Kim from Snugbags

Today I am sharing my very first vendor spotlight! I am hoping to make this a regular segment - provided there is enough interest. So, if you would like to share your story or you know someone who might be interested please do not hesitate to contact me

I decided to start this feature to help support Mum’s in business, in hopes of sharing the love and to not only help promote them but to go behind the scenes and take a peek into their everyday lives as Mums, business women and all round superheroes.

I know how hard it is to juggle work with babies and also how difficult it can be to get a business off the ground and promote it. This is why I want to help. I have the resources to help try and spread the word!

In the vendor spotlight today is...

Kim, the owner, of Snugbags and full time Mum to 3.5 year old Neeva Rosa. Snugbags are lovingly made and manufactured in New Zealand using only top quality, Merino, bamboo and cotton materials.

The entire range of Kim's Snugbags are such high quality and not to mention completely gorgeous! When you have a baby or toddler that are so very skilled at removing themselves from their blankets a sleep bag is the perfect way to keep them warm. She also offers a range of zip up swaddles (Snugpods) and some gorgeous Merino pyjamas. What could be better than top quality merino for your little one?

Kim has currently offering 20% off Snugpods at the moment - which means they are now on sale from only $55. Plus, every Snugpod comes with a free Merino beanie!

Here is her story...

1. What is your business’ name and what products do you sell?

Snugbags - Merino for Kids and we specialise in NZ made merino sleeping bags, pyjamas and zip up swaddle wraps.

2. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your family? 

 I am originally from The Netherlands but have been in NZ now for over 10 years. We live in the gorgeous little surf community of Piha on the West Coast, just out of Auckland. Our house is sun drenched, a little quirky, has a huge garden and overlooks the ocean. We love it - it’s the perfect spot to raise our little girl Neeva Rose (now 3.5yrs old). My partner and I are passionate surfers and we also love spending time bushwalking and building sandcastles on the beach!

3. What made you decide to go into business or why did you choose your specific products? 

 I was in search for the perfect sleeping bag for Neeva Rose who was 18 months at the time and I came across Snugbags and loved their sleeping bags. So much that I approached the then owner (a French mum) to see if I could sell them in the Netherlands and it turned out she was looking to sell the company so I ended up buying it!! Since then I have added new ranges, styles and colours. I have added the Organic range , the Winter Duvet Deluxe as I felt there was a need for a super cozy and warm sleeping bag that would keep your little one snug when the temperature really drops and I’ve innovated the product where I saw fit. I made all models longer so they are now the longest bags on the market. I like to make sure parents really get good value for money! We have since also designed pyjamas and our new Zip Up Swaddle – the Snugpod!

8. What is a “typical” day in the life of you? Start to finish.

I have my office at home so I check my emails as soon as I wake up and pack orders early in the morning. Then it is off to the beach, playgroup/play centre or the beach with Neeva Rose. Neevie is 3.5 and she is at home with me so during the day I don’t really get that much done. So I end up working most nights! It’s all not as glamorous as it sounds ha! But on the other hand I feel really blessed to be able to work from home and spend time with Neevie. It’s a pretty amazing life style!

9. How do you juggle home life with business?

I try to have a healthy balance, but the reality is I end up working every night and it generally gets quite late haha!

10. What motivates you?

I really love what I do and the products I sell and I am passionate about Merino! I really enjoy what I am doing and even though I am working long days, I wouldn’t change a thing!

11. What do you do in your “down” time?

 I try to go out for a surf most weekends and we generally pop down to the beach for a walk with the dogs every day.

12. Where to next? What are your plans for your business? 

 I’ve just started designing my own fabrics and our new range of sleeping bags will be finished over the next few weeks! I am really excited about it and cannot wait to release the new prints – they are gorgeous and very cute!

13. If you could offer one piece of advice to a Mum looking to start a business, what would it be?

Just do it! The most difficult part is starting. Find your passion and follow your bliss xx

A very big thanks to Kim for sharing her story and for agreeing to be my the very first in my vendor spotlight segment!

If you would like to purchase one of Kim's beautiful Snugbags and Snugpods you can find them over on her website

You can also find Snugbags on Facebook and Instagram.


  1. Great idea for a series, I'm looking forward to reading more contributions as I'm always interested in reading about entrepreneurial people, especially mums! Love merino products for kids so definitely off to check out snugbags on FB now :)

  2. Fantastic idea to interview Mums in business. It will help, inspire and show other Mum's that they all face the same hurdles, struggles and joys but more importantly that it can be done and a greater degree of self fulfillment without compromising the absolute joy of being a 'Mum'. Well done Kim, it's a great achievement and I look forward to watching your business grow.