Wednesday 6 April 2016

Pregnancy update - 20 weeks - the halfway mark

As I announced my pregnancy fairly late this time round, I decided that it would be good to do a general pregnancy update as we are now officially at the halfway mark!

I am 20 weeks today and due with baby number 2 on the 24th of August 2016.

This pregnancy has similarities to when I was pregnant with Ella but it also differs.

Symptoms so far:

- Morning sickness up until 17 weeks with bouts of nausea in the evenings still.
- Lower back pain
- Ligament pain
- Tiredness
- Tender stomach and boobs
- Breaking out in spots

Much the same as Ella except morning sickness finished at 15 weeks with no continuing nausea, although I think the reason I'm still feeling nauseous at times is because I'm tired all the time - thanks to having a toddler which I didn't have the first time round, I should have appreciated my toddler free pregnancy way more!


Weight before pregnancy: 55kgs
Weight currently: 61kgs

As you can see I've already gained 6kgs at 20 weeks and I'm under strict instructions (from my OB) to not exceed anymore than 12kgs in total - unlike last time where I gained 20!


We had our 20 week anatomy scan on Monday and according to the Sonographer baby looked well and is growing accordingly. We are not finding out the sex this time around - although not my choice - so this one will be a surprise! The organiser/planner/surprise hater in me is finding it quite difficult not knowing but I promised my Husband that if we found out the first time he could have his surprise the second time around.

The scan took a maximum of 50mins which was so different with Ella who wouldn't stop wriggling and kicking in her anatomy scan, so much so the scan took over 2 hours! It seems this baby is so much more relaxed.

I started to feel movement and little baby kicks - totally the best part of pregnancy - at about 19 weeks as I have an anterior placenta which means baby is well covered and it's harder to feel movement.

I have met with my Midwife twice so far and everything is tracking much the same as last time. This time, however, I have met with and Obstetrician at the Hospital to discuss my options to try for a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Caesarean) as you will know that Ella ended up as an emergency c-section due to lack of progress and dilation.

They don't see why I can't try again for a natural birth but I have been told that I will be birthing at the Hospital (rather than a birthing unit) and if I don't progress (cervix dilation) at an active rate then a c-section will happen a lot quicker - as Syntocinon won't be given this time due to the possibility of my scar rupturing.

I also have to watch my weight in hopes of not having another 8lbs+ baby - which will make a natural labour, for me, more possible!


All and all, everything is heading along nicely, I'm feeling pretty good just with the odd twinge and minor discomfort. I can't quite believe I'm already at the halfway mark!

In 20 weeks I'll have another newborn and I'll be a Mother to two-under-two! Eeep!

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