Wednesday 17 August 2016

What's in my hospital bag!

As of today I am officially due in four days so I thought it was about time I shared what I packed in my hospital bag - now that I've finally finished packing it. I've sort of left it to the last minute considering with Ella I was all packed by 35 weeks compared to now at 39 weeks 3 days! Oh well better late than never, good thing this baby has stayed put for now.

I realise I have probably over packed again but I learnt from last time that you just never know how things are going to go. With Ella I was totally over packed but I ended up using everything and needing more! Because I had a c-section I had a two day stay in hospital and then a five day stay at my local birthing centre - which wasn't as planned!

This time though, I should hopefully only have the maximum two day hospital stay even if I end up having another c-section as I want and need to get back home to Ella as soon as possible. I am not planning on going to a birthing centre after my hospital discharge but you can never be too sure, so once again I've packed plenty.

So, here goes. This is what I have packed for myself and baby!

Baby's bag

I hate that this child is referred to as baby, since we don't know what we are having everything I have packed is "gender neutral" not that I have an issue with gender specific clothing or colours. This bag is just a luggage carry on from Strandbags if I remember rightly.

I have packed:

5x all in ones

The three on the left are all in ones from Marks & Spencers London, the navy and white striped all in one is Bonds Australia and the mint green striped all in one (not gender neutral) is Carters from Farmers (a hand me down from Ella, i'm pretty sure Carters is no longer sold at Farmers).

3 x plain white singlets (these were are bargain at about $2.50 each on sale from T&T, 100% cotton)

2x T-shirt onesies from Marks & Spencers (I may even pack an extra one)

3x newborn hats

The knitted bunny eared hat is from Cotton on Kids, the two on the right are pack from Marks & Spencers (to match the all in ones)

1x Love To Dream swaddle suit and 1x muslin swaddle (not pictured)

Ella would never stay in a standard swaddle so we used the love to dream swaddle, which was great because she liked sleeping with her arms above her head but still allowed her to feel secure. I've included a muslin swaddle (not pictured) just in case this baby doesn't like the swaddle suit or prefers a traditional swaddle.

2x blankets. The one on the left is a muslin dream blanket from Aden and Anais and the knitted one on the right is from kmart. I know the hospital provides blankets but I like to take a couple of my own just to be on the safe side. I may even take another one as well.

Even though we don't yet know what we are having, I have packed a girly "going home" outfit just incase we are having a girl. This is the one Ella wore home.

Most hospitals and birthing centres do provide nappies and wipes but I still like to have my own handy just in case. I'm taking one packet of disposable cloth wipes from Thinkwise (I don't like to use wet wipes on my newborns unless I really have to) and 10 treasures newborn nappies - I just preferred these with Ella.

I think that is pretty much everything I needed/used with Ella although I will probably add a couple of flannel type cloths for any potential spilling episodes and another cardigan, but generally the hospitals have it covered. Not to mention or forget the capsule which is yet to be installed in the car!

For me:

This bag is a weekender bag I got from Colette Hayman. I haven't bothered taking photos of any of the clothes I'm taking - it's not as much fun as cute baby clothing so i'll just list what i'm taking.

- 2 nursing singlets
- 2 t-shirt nursing tops
- 2 nursing bras
- 1 long sleeved nursing top (bearing in mind that it's ridiculously hot in the hospital)
- 1 nursing hoodie
- 2 loose comfy cardigans
- 3 pairs of maternity underwear (I may end up adding more)
- 3 pairs of ankle socks
- 2 pairs of pyjama bottoms
- 2 pairs of basic leggings
- Slippers
- Shoes

In terms of toiletries I went to kmart and the supermarket and bought a whole heap of miniature things, so much easier to pack!

I have:

- Toothbrush
- Toothpaste
- Mouthwash
- Tissues
- Deodourant
- Hand cream
- Facial Moisturiser
- Dry shampoo
- Bodywash (eco store)
- Shampoo (eco store)
- Conditioner (eco store)
- Body lotion (eco store
- hair brush (not pictured)
- Spare hair ties

As with baby the hospital generally has most things covered when it comes to maternity essentials but the serial overpacker I am likes to take my own just incase.

I have one packet of maternity pads, four pairs of breast pads (these are my favourite ones from Rite Aid, which I got from pharmacy direct) and two packets of Hydrogel breast discs which were a lifesaver last time for painfully cracked nipples (also from Pharmacy direct).

I am also going to take some make-up with me, call me vain but a little make-up applied makes me feel better and a little more like myself. I am taking foundation, powder, mascara, blush, lipstick and eyebrow powder.

Added extras:

That is pretty much everything I feel like I'll need but here are some other ideas for things that could come in handy - especially if you think you might be staying a bit longer.

- Snacks for during labour or for your other half.
- Water or powerade (for you or your other half)
- Microwave meals (were great for my Hubby to have when he didn't get fed by the hospital or birthing centre).
- Your own pillow
- A nursing pillow (can be really useful, I loved mine)
- Camera and charger (charge it before you go and make sure you have space on your memory card)
- Cellphone
- Loose change for hospital vending machines, parking machines or just for a coffee (to keep your other half awake).
- A wheat bag (good for your back during labour or to warm up baby's bed while they are feeding, some birthing centres have these on hand)
- Nipple cream can be helpful, lansinoh nipple cream is quite good but I found that bit of breastmilk rubbed in worked just as well.
- Ural sachets (helps to take the sting out when going to the loo)
- Any medications or supplements you need to take

Hopefully I haven't forgotten to add anything but if worst comes to worst Hubby will he sent home to pick up anything I may have forgotten.

I hope that by sharing this with you it might give you some ideas as to what to pack in your own hospital bag!

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