Thursday 15 September 2016

The first few weeks of life as a family of four.

Time flies so incredibly quickly because already it seems we are into week four of Ivy's life and trying to find a new rhythm as a family of four. It's been an amazing, tiring, busy few weeks so far dealing with a toddler so full of energy, a newborn who is a night owl and recovering from pushing a watermelon sized human out of a very small hole.


Little Miss Ivy is a very sweet, laid back little thing who feeds like a machine and doesn't much like sleeping in her bassinet - Plunket would have a field day knowing she ends up sleeping with me most nights but it means I at least get some sleep. Not much bothers her, I suppose that's typical of most second born babies, except when she's hungry or being changed. She feeds like crazy and cluster feeds most days from evening and sometimes through the night. She's gaining weight, never having lost any birth weight - she's gained 1.35kg since her birth just over three weeks ago.


We've been so lucky with Ella so far in that straight away she's fallen in love with her little Sister. All kisses and cuddles are reserved for Ivy - so much so that Mum and Dad don't get so many these days. She's very enthusiastic in her love for Ivy, that we have to remind her to be gentle and to try not to poke her nose so hard

The first week or so was a bit difficult in terms of sleep because Ella would get upset whenever Ivy got upset so quite often during the night, whenever Ivy cried because she was being changed, Ella would wake up crying and come into our room - it would then be very difficult to get Ella back to sleep in her own room. As most of you know Ella, is in a "big girl" bed, very much likes to get in and out of her bed - it has improved hugely though and the getting out of bed is not such a frequent occurrence. So, I guess persevering has paid off! We've got from 50+ "getting out of bed" times to either none or only a few.


The first couple of weeks were a bit painful and uncomfortable following Ivy's birth but I feel amazing now we are going into week four. Compared to my last birthing experience which required a huge amount of recovery time, I feel relieved that I was able to give birth naturally especially as this time around I have a very active toddler in my care.

Obviously, having a newborn equals little to no sleep but I'm lucky in the fact that my Husband is still off work and able to take care of Ella in the mornings so that I can catch up on any lost sleep from the night before. I knew I would be tired so I was prepared for that facts but I actually feel so much happier and way more relaxed then last time, I think my mentality this time round can be attributed to having a much easier recovery, being a second time Mum and having a very chilled out newborn.

That being said I have only been left with both of the girls for a few hours at a time on a handful of occasions. A few of those times were complete and utter chaos from the moment the door closed to the moment my Husband returned home. It'll be very interesting to see how I get on when Hubby goes back to work next Friday - especially as the first four days of him at work involve him being away on two overnights! *maybe I'll do another update on family life after I've had a couple of weeks of hubby being back to work*

It's been so great having him at home for over five weeks, while I'm recovering and getting used to life with two under two, he's been forced to do pretty much everything while i'm stuck dealing with a cluster feeding newborn! I don't know how I would have coped without him and I doubt my mindset would be so good if I didn't have him to lean on. The prospect of him going back to work fills me with fear and apprehension - if I'm honest it makes me want to have a little cry, but for now I will push that to the back of my mind - I know that I will cope (I don't have much choice), it won't be easy, but hopefully we will get ourselves into some sort of routine. Until I do, the baby bouncer and Netflix will have to be my best friends!

In conclusion, life has been great so far and I'm enjoying being a Mum to two beautiful girls. There have been tears, tantrums and exhaustion (not just from Ella) and it's not all been smooth sailing - it never was going to be though was it? Having children is never going to be straightforward, nor was it ever going to be easy! It's time I once again adopt the mantra of "this too shall pass", it will get easier and things will get better with everyday!

I feel so blessed though to have two beautiful little girls, an amazingly involved Husband and to have my body do something I never thought it was capable of doing and therefore making these early days so much easier!

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