Monday 20 July 2015

Monday minute - what we are getting up to this week

Just a bit of an update on what we are getting up to this week, I'm trying my damnedest to keep to some sort of blog schedule and blog regularly. 

So, each week I'll be doing Monday minute - a quick overview of what we will be getting up to during the week, Tuesday 10 - a link up to another blogger Mumma's page and Friday's I'll be trying a new a recipe and uploading it to the blog. The days in between will either by a day off for me or if something important comes to mind that I feel the need to blog about I will upload.

I'm not going to only be blogging those things each week - that would be bloody boring otherwise - but these days are the only days I have alliterative names for! So, anything else will be spontaneous titling. Haha

What are little Miss Ella and I getting up to this week?

Tuesday - Is a Mum's and Bub's movie session at our local cinema. We are going to see Inside Out with some of our Mum and baby friends, I am so freaking excited to watch this movie - the trailer for it looks so cool and I'm a big sucker for animated movies.

Wednesday - I am heading off to work for the day so one of Ella's Grandmother's will be looking after her. I'll probably use the opportunity to go to the supermarket and also to get a few cake decorating supplies!

Thursday - I need to get started on making Ella's baptism cake! I've already made the little fondant figurines to go on top I just need to make the actual cake itself. I will probably film a video on assembling the cake and post the recipes I use for the actual cake and the buttercream filling. A friend suggested I do a video on how I make these little figurines,  would that be of interest to anyone?

Friday - Is the same thing we do every week - swimming! It's Ella's second term for her swimming lessons and will be her first lesson in the "advanced water babies" group.

Saturday Will be a lot of baptism prep - cake decorating and finger food making! My Sister is also coming up from Wellington to be apart of the baptismal ceremony, so we'll be catching up with her as well.

Sunday - Ella is being baptised at our local Catholic church followed by afternoon tea. This is what I will be making the cake for. I was baptised Catholic and went to Catholic schools throughout my schooling life so I want her to have the opportunity to have a faith if that's what she wants. I will probably to a blog post with photos and a run through of what we got up to during the day.

So, there you have it a brief overview of what we are getting up to this week - I will be blogging about some of what we do this week, so stay tuned for these posts or videos sometime soon!

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