Sunday 25 October 2015

Baby Sensory Activities - Part 2 - Finger painting with edible paint

So, the last installment of my Baby Sensory Activity series was a No-Mess Finger Painting how to, this installment is the complete opposite - a very messy edible finger painting DIY!

I was looking for something for Ella to do today and decided to give this one a go - courtesy of Pinterest, of course - it was incredibly messy and in fact most of the paint just ended up in her mouth rather that on the paper but for those of you whose babies may be a bit older or have a slightly better attention span this could be a perfect fun, tactile activity! She had fun eating it and playing with the paper anyway.

Here's how you do it...

One very messy baby! I managed to contain most of the mess though by taping sheets of newspaper down to the kitchen floor - which I would definitely recommend! She was straight into a bath after this.

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