Sunday 8 November 2015

First Birthday Gift Guide

I can't believe I'm that already I'm writing gift guide for Ella's very fast approaching first birthday!

In less than a month my beautiful baby will be one year old and I can guarantee you there will be some hysterical sobbing from her Mother. Right now though, I am planning her birthday party, the invitations have been sent and the gifts have been bought. I thought perhaps, it might be helpful to share some gift ideas for those of you that either have a baby fast approaching this milestone or you have a birthday party to attend to. 

These are a few of the things I have already bought for Ella or that are on my wishlist - either for birthday or for Christmas!

1. Wooden Block Trolley from Peterson Woodcraft - I just discovered this beautifully hand crafted block trolley, thanks to a friend, the other day and it's definitely on my wishlist. You can't beat handcrafted toys for children. This one is made to order through Peterson Woodcraft's facebook page.

2.  Happy Hopperz Cow - Much like the moon hoppers of my childhood this is a super cute cow version and because we are very much into farming and cows this is another toy for Ella that is on my wishlist - one that will probably be for Christmas.

3. V-tech Push and Ride Alphabet train - An activity centre, trolley walker and ride on all in one. This has been earmarked for Ella from her Poppa. It makes noise, sings songs, lights up - so much entertainment for one toy!

4. Dora the Explorer 4 wheel ride on - A reasonably priced ride on. A standard toy that most children will own at one point during their childhood.

5. Fisher Price Chatter Telephone - A cute little pull along toy telephone. I love fisher price toys, they may be plastic but they are pretty robust.

6. Hape City Themed Blocks from The Wooden Toy box - In my opinion wooden toys are an amazing, long lasting gift for children. These blocks are super adorable, I have purchased something similar for Ella before I found these, and a great idea for any toddler.

7. Wooden farm playset from Mocka - Following on from my love of wooden toys. This wooden farm play set from Mocka is so cute and once again fits in with our love for farming and animals.

8. Fisher Price Little People Spinnin' Sounds Airport - May not be entirely appropriate for a one year old that is more like to chew on it rather than play with it but because Ella's Daddy is a pilot I couldn't not include the Little People Airport from Fisher Price.

9. Intex Sea Turtle Shade Baby Paddling Pool from The Warehouse - As summer is starting to makes it's presence known I was after a paddling pool for Ella to play in. This one, from The Warehouse, fits the bill nicely as it also has a built in roof to shade her from the sun and on days where it's not paddling pool appropriate it doubles as a ball pit.

10. Intex Fun Balls 100pc set from The Warehouse - Following on from the paddling pool, these plastic balls are great for indoor play.

11. Fisher Price Mega Bloks Big Building 80pc block set from The Warehouse - Obviously safer than lego, for a toddler, this speaks for itself really.

12. Love Mae Bamboo Dinner Set from MissMollyCoddle - A beautiful woodland themed dinner set made from Bamboo, free of all BPAs and nasty chemicals. Comes with a 4 section divided plate, bowl, cup with a handle and a spoon. Available in a super cute forest feast or woodland tea party theme.

13. Teepee from Mocka - A cute little tent to use for play or perhaps as a reading nook. These come in lots of different colours and styles.

14. Belle Kids Table and Chairs from Mocka - A replica of the designer Eames DSW kids table and chairs, these are a super stylish, cheaper alternative that would look great in any living room or childrens bedroom.

Lastly, this personalised book from Lost My Name is such a beautiful, heartfelt gift for any child. It's a story about a boy or girl embarking on an adventure to find their name, which they've forgotten, along the journey a character in the book will each gift the child a letter which will eventually help them to remember their name. It's beautifully illustrated and also allows you to add a personal message to your child which makes a great keepsake. I have purchased one of these for Ella and will turn this into a tradition for any other children we are fortunate enough to have.

So, there you have a gift guide suitable for most toddlers! What's on your list of things to buy?

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