Thursday 12 November 2015

What Ella eats in a week #2

This week's "What Ella eats..." is very much "thrown together" meals consisting of whatever was left in the cupboard/fridge freezer! It can be so hard trying to come up with a balanced meal plan for her, so it's not always all that original or very fancy but I feel like you can still provide a reasonably balanced diet without having to slave away all day. Now that she's almost entering toddlerhood, I am starting to be more relaxed with food, in terms of what I am eating she'll, normally, have as well. 

She is still having three bottles of formula per day. 200mls first thing in the morning when she wakes up, 150mls at about 2.30 in the afternoon and then 200mls just before bed.

So, here is what Ella ate this week...


Breakfast - Porridge with fruit

Lunch - Cheese Muffins, Cherry Tomatoes, Sliced Cucumber (which she doesn't like but I'm persevering), Grapes (cut into quarters), a dried peach (cut into little bits) and a mixed berry yoghurt.

Snack - Raisins (while I cooked dinner)

Dinner - Mashed kumara and sweet potato with mixed veggies (some mixed into the mash and some on her highchair table). Cheesy Potato Gratin (which she stole off my plate).

Dessert - Banana and Custard (She very rarely has dessert - sweet things in moderation)


Breakfast - Weetbix with fruit 

Lunch - Potato Gratin (leftover from my dinner yesterday), Ham, Pineapple, banana, Cheese cubes, Yoghurt and a cheese muffin.

Dinner - Chicken with a mustard and tarragon sauce. Mashed kumara and potato. Sweetcorn.


Spent the day at Nana's while I went to work.


Breakfast - Weetbix with fruit

Lunch - Scrambled eggs, Banana pancakes, Kiwifruit and a yoghurt.

Dinner - Deviled sausages, mashed potato and cherry tomatoes.


Breakfast - Porridge and fruit

Lunch - Ham, pineapple and sweetcorn fritters, grapes, cherry tomatoes and cheese cubes.

Dinner - Chicken, Garlic pita bread, mixed veggies.

Dessert - A dried peach.

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