My Birth Story

My Birth Story - the day our lives changed forever!

For me, birth was a positive experience it didn't turn out how I wanted but I don't feel disappointed that it didn't. If there is one thing I've learned from the experience is that you can plan all you want but it doesn't always turn out as planned. 

 My due date was the 4th of December 2014, but I had a gut feeling she was going to arrive early I had predicted she would arrive on the 28th of November and Hubby predicted the 30th, turns out he was right! My midwife didn't share our optimism and had booked her time off for that weekend. Sure enough, come Friday the 28th my waters broke, a very small amount mind you, so I wasn't certain that's what it was. I phoned my midwife in a bit of a panic and she came out to check. It was definitely my waters and I was told to rest, drink lots of fluids and wait to see if I would go into labour.

 I was very closely monitored and told if I didn't go into labour naturally within 36 hours I would need to be induced. There is only a short window, once your waters have broken, because of risk of infection. So, we went home and I did as I was told. The next day I went back to see the, back-up, midwife where she stuck a monitor on my tummy to check how baby was doing and to discuss options if labour didn't start. 

Hubby and I talked it over and decided to hold off from induction and see what happens. I was determined to labour naturally and sure enough that evening after a walk and a nap, contractions started. I lasted all through the night and early morning before we went into the birthing centre (where I had planned on birthing) to see where we were at. Contractions were varied between 3 and 7mins apart, I had a feeling I wasn't as far a long as I should have been. Sure enough, I was only 4cms dilated when I should have been at 8 judging by my cervix. 

 The midwife, who was amazing!, informed me that I wasn't progressing and would probably need a c-section so an Ambulance was called and off we went to the hospital. The journey down to the hospital, 45mins, was agony, every bump in the road happened to coincide with a contraction - those things DO NOT have good suspension.

Upon arrival at the hospital the contractions got worse and as I was determined to try and continue with my plan of a natural birth this was promising. After another internal, I was told that I was still no further alone so it was decided that I would be administered IV Syntocin in the hopes of bringing on stronger contractions. First though the Doctor had to attach a a monitor to the baby's head through a small clip that read heart rate via the capillaries - this was agony - she also discovered that Ella had her hand above her head which could have been contributing to her not engaging so, her hand was moved -internally! - and my waters broken.

I was then offered the epidural as I was told the Syntocin would bring on stronger contractions - by that point I had been in labour almost 24 hours so I didn't hesitate to accept! With the epidural in, it became a waiting game to see if I would dilate any more. After waiting another couple of hours and with no further progress the decision was made and an "emergency" Caesarean section was decided.

Once the decision was made there was no mucking around within half and hour I had filled out waiver forms, changed into "sexy" theatre scrubs and had my baby!

Ella was born at 05.57pm on Sunday the 30th of November weighing a perfect 8lbs3oz!

I wasn't able to hold her straight away as I had the shakes from all the drugs that had been pumped into my system, I've never had so much medication in my system and been hooked up to so many wires in my life. It wasn't until I finally had her in my arms, skin-to-skin, that the shakes stopped!

It was the most amazing feeling holding baby for the first time, and marvelling how we managed to create such a perfect little creature - it was surreal! I spent the whole night just staring at her when I really could have done with having some sleep!

Even though my birthing experience didn't quite go to plan I still feel happy that we stuck to our guns, I laboured naturally and had a good go at trying for a natural birth. We were able to make informed decisions and I didn't feel like we were pushed or rushed into anything. My midwife and the hospital team were amazing!

At the end of the day she needed to come out one way or another and her safety was our number one priority. We have a perfect, healthy, beautiful baby girl and we couldn't be happier.


  1. I love this and how positive your outlook was on things not going as you planned. Ella is BEAUTIFUL!