Saturday 11 April 2015

Newborn vs Now

I was looking back at Ella's newborn photo's the other day and I couldn't believe the change in her. I know everyone says this but time just goes so quickly! It's really scary.

I find myself feeling a little bit emotional when I think back to her as a newborn and to know that I will never get that back. Just walking past the newborn clothing section in Farmers the other day was enough to make me feel a bit sad.

I love the age she is at now though, her personality is developing by the day and seeing her learn and do new things is really exciting. Though it's scary to think about how quickly she's growing and changing and outgrowing the title of "new baby" it's nice to see her becoming her own little person and  to think in a couple of weeks i'll be introducing her to solids!

Here's a bit of a comparison between then and now.

From a birth weight of 3.660kgs to a current weight of, roughly, 7kgs she's basically doubled her weight at 4 months old.

It feels like she's growing so quickly that if I blink I'll miss it!

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