Friday 3 April 2015

Baby Haul #2

Yes, I've been at it again. I can't help myself! I have this thing where I refuse to buy anything full price, so when I see or hear of a sale I must take advantage of it. I placed, yet another, order from Cotton on and indulged in a bit of retail therapy at Baby City and The Baby Factory.

There is just so much cute stuff around and my most favourite thing to do is dress Ella up in adorable little outfits! All the things I purchased were all on some sort of sale and they are all in bigger sizes to prepare for even more rapid growth.

I'll start with Cotton on Kids. This first item is one of the first things I saw and is perfect for the rapidly approaching winter. A warm, wooly knit with little toggles and a hood with bobble ears. In size 6 - 12 Months. See here.

Next are these ruffle bum leggings, I have a big thing for ruffles and I just love these little leggings. Ella has three pairs that she is wearing currently. These Ria ruffle leggings in a size 6 - 9 Months are always in such cute prints just like these in True Navy/Confetti Wave and Vanilla/Foiled Stripes

I've had my eye on  these next few bits for awhile now, they are so adorable! Long sleeved printed tees size 6 - 9 months in Grey/Gold Bunny, Purple/Windchime/Scandi Pot and White/ Party Cat. Only the purple one is still available.

The last item was a purchase from the Cotton on outlet store in Dressmart Onehunga, an outlet mall, for a bargain price of $5! Not really appropriate winter attire but in a size 12 - 18 months it will be perfect Ella next summer! I couldn't pass it up for only $5.

Next, was a trip to Baby City, I have had my eye on these online for quite sometime and when I happened to stroll into the store they just happened to be having a a big sale! I will take that as a sign that it was mean't to be.

The first item is a gorgeous, neon pink romper suit, which again is not really Winter appropriate but it is a really thick Terry cloth material so I figure she can just wear a cardigan over it and she's good to go! See here.

The next is a set is technically meant to be pyjamas but I figure she can get away with wearing her PJ's during the day and you wouldn't even notice! See here.

Same goes for this gorgeous pyjama set! I love the deer print leggings, size 0 (6 - 9 months) which is mainly what drew me to it! See here.

and in the same Deer print are these long sleeved bodysuits! A friend of mine had her little girl in these and I'm sorry but I had to copy, size 0 (6 - 9months). So if your reading this our little girls will just have to be twins! xx See here.

Lastly, was a little trip to the Baby Factory who were also having a big sale on all their fashion clothing. I'm a sucker for stripes and anything Nautical which just so happens to be "in" at the moment. The first items are separates which I will most definitely be pairing together. See here. Navy and White Zebra peplum tunic dress with Navy and White striped leggings - so adorable - sized 6 - 9 months! 

and these Navy and White - again - chevron printed leggings size 6 - 9 months. 

Lastly, from Baby Factory is this adorable red and white striped tunic size 6 - 9 Months - again with the nautical theme! 

One more item and it's a a gift from my Mum a.k.a Ella's Nana. Both my Mum and my little sister have a habit of spending huge amounts of money on their Grand daughter/ Niece. Ella is a very spoilt little girl! Mum knows I love the Carter's brand, from Farmers and she also knows that I love polka-dots, stripes and neon pink - even better when you combine all three! Hence this gorgeous little set. Thanks Mum xx

So, there you have it another spending spree! I hope you all benefit from my shopping habit! No doubt there will be another baby haul in the not so distant future!

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