Friday 17 April 2015

You know you're a Mum when...

1. Your washing pile is the size of Mt Vesuvius, and growing.

2. Your hands are chapped and dry from constantly washing your hands or doing the dishes.

3. Sticking your finger in baby poo whilst changing a nappy is a frequent occurrence.

4. Your shoulder is constantly saturated from a baby chewing on it.

5. You've become an expert at catching baby vomit with your bare hands.

6. If your baby vomits on your top you just shrug, rub it in and carry on as normal.

7. You will happily go out in public in sweat pants and a baggy t-shirt but your baby MUST be dressed in a co-ordinating outfit including a headband and matching shoes.

8. All your money is spent on baby clothing rather than clothing for yourself - even though the elastic in your undies is going and your jeans are saggy around the arse.

9. You live in fear of your child waking up in the night, or during a daytime nap for that matter.

10. You curse the creaky floor boards and end up tip-toeing out of the nursery trying to judge where the creaks are.

11. As soon as you decide to take a shower or eat lunch - the child is GUARANTEED to wake.

12. You begin to hear your baby squeaking or crying, even when they're not, so you check up on them numerous times and manage to wake them up when they were actually asleep the WHOLE time.

13. You don't hear any noises, so you check on them numerous times because you're imagining a million different nightmare scenarios and you end up waking them - again.

14. You stay up late at night just to have some time to yourself even though you know you're probably going to be woken up in the night and you're beyond exhausted.

15. You wash the same load of washing three times because you forget to hang it out on the line, but let's be honest - it's because you really can't be arsed.

16. Your house either looks like a daycare or like a bomb's gone off.

17. You go to leave the house and your child decides to have the biggest poonami known to man.

18. Some days you barely manage to get out of your pyjamas let alone have a shower.

Can you relate? Tell me any of your day-to-day struggles as a Mum! I'd love to hear!


  1. Thanks for linking up to Share A Smile, it's lovely to find your blog! This is so true! I used to spend a fortune on clothes before my daughter was born and now I am more interested in buying outfits for her than myself. I have also been guilty of re washing a load because I 'forgot' to put it into the tumble dryer. Oh dear! xx

    1. Thanks so much for reading it! I look forward to linking up with you again soon :-) xx

  2. Ah so many of these things made me laugh, and it's all true =D hehe

    1. Lol, I'm finding out more and more about this parenting business as the days go on! :-) xx