Monday 4 May 2015

Fun things to do in Auckland - A trip to the Auckland War Memorial Museum

It's been years since I took a trip to the Auckland War Memorial Museum, I think the last time I went was as a fresh faced pre-teen at primary school. So, when looking for something to do on the stunning autumn day that was last Monday, Hubby and I decided to take a trip to the Museum!

Entry is free for Auckland and New Zealand residents so it makes for a great, informative day out if you're on a budget. Quite alot has changed at the Museum over the last few years with a number of refurbishments carried out to increase the Museum's floor space by 60% and offering new spaces such as an event centre, visitor services and a theatre.

Here is a selection of my favourite exhibitions from our trip around the museum, but I seriously suggest you pay the museum a visit - it's a great, educational day out if you are on a budget!

He Taonga Maori - Maori Court

Containing over 1000 Maori artefacts from around Aoteoroa dating back to the arrival and settlement of Maori in New Zealand.

The Ocean's gallery

Life sized replica of the sea shore and inter-tidal zone around New Zealand's coastline and models of various sharks and underwater creatures.


Of course with Tom being a pilot and all round plane fanatic we had to check out these wartime planes.

War Memorial -

Seeing as the ANZAC was remembering 100 years since the battles at Gallipoli and with ANZAC day fast approaching it was only fitting to visit the memorial at the Museum. A piece of New Zealand history that is very near and dear to my heart the war memorial is one of my favourite exhibitions at the museum.

 A great day out, it was nice to do something a bit different for a change. I highly recommend paying the Auckland War Memorial Museum a visit - if you happen to be in Auckland of course!

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