Saturday 2 May 2015

Ella's 5 month update.

I am: 5 Months old, on the 30th of April 2015.

I weigh: 8kgs, up from 3.660kgs at birth!

I am:

- Eating solids, once a day (moving up to twice a day next week) and I love to eat! So far I have had pumpkin, sweet potato, pear and apple - I especially love pear and apple.

- Rolling onto my tummy, I did it for the first time on the day I turned five months.

- Laughing, when Daddy tickles me.

- Smiling - a lot!

- Squealing, cooing and talking to myself and my toys.

- Dribbling - a lot! I still don't have any teeth though.

- Sleeping great at night from 7.30pm - 6.30pm but not so good during the day.

- Sleeping in my own room in my cot.

- Waking up really happy in the morning.

- Growing out of my capsule and moving into a proper carseat.

- Outgrowing my 3 - 6 months clothing and starting to wear 6 - 9 months clothing.

I love:

- Everybody!

- When Mummy waggles her fingers in front of my face.

- Being tickled by my Dad.

- My food, especially pear.

- My toys.

- My jolly jumper.

- The T.V.

- Chewing my hands.

- Blowing raspberries.


  1. Beautiful post! She sleeps better than Bob does at nighttime! Love her smiles in the collage! Thanks for linking up! xx

    1. Lol Thanks. I'll be sure to link up again :-)

  2. Awww so cute and wow awesome night time sleeping =D

    1. Thanks :-) We've been very lucky that she likes to sleep at night. Not always consistently but most of the time she does.

  3. Gorgeous little one!
    Please come link up at