Thursday 14 May 2015

LIFE UPDATE + The best things about being a Mum

Life update - 

The last few weeks have been absolutely hectic for me which accounts for my lack of blogging and presence on social media. My Husband has had a bit of a promotion through work which means he will be flying back and forth to Sydney, Australia for a week at a time - which means I'm flying solo. In betweens trips to Sydney he's been working 12 hour days, so I have my hands full trying to look after Ella and trying keep the housework under control - which is a bit of a fail. He had a three day trip for training last week and leaves for his first full week on Monday. 

In amongst all that, you may have seen on Facebook or Twitter, we flew down to windy Wellington for my little Sister's University graduation - I'm so proud of her! 

Next week is my Grandmother's 80th birthday, my Aunty and Uncle fly over from Australia a couple of days before her party - I've also decided to try and make a birthday cake with fondant roses - crazy much?

Phew! and to top it all off? I've started working part-time once a fortnight for a chartered accountant - just to keep my mind ticking over!

So, in order to keep on top of my blogging and maintain my presence in the big bad blogging world i'm going to start blogging to a schedule with the aim of posting every Monday, Thursday and Sunday.

Starting with today's post, a little late in the day but better late then never - right?

I've written about the things I never knew about motherhood and generally the theme of those were more along the "not so flash parts of Motherhood" lines , so in order to not scare off any potential parents with my posts about the gruesome parts of parenting I though I would write about a few of the best things about being a Mum.

1. Shopping - an excuse to go on frequent shopping trips. Baby needs clothes and I'm more than happy to oblige! There are so many cute things to buy!

2. Outfit planning - before baby I used to plan my outfits way in advance, I even used to daydream about them - oh the spare time I had! These days I love nothing better than to plan the outfits Ella will be wearing on a day-to-day basis.

  3. Baby smiles - no matter what sort of day you've had, or night, no matter how "challenging" your little angel may have been as soon a they flash you a mega-watt smile it's enough to melt your heart and make you forget whatever problems you may have been having.

4. Milestones - Each day is different and each day something new is learnt or achieved. Watching them begin to see the world and learn new things as they begin to become little individuals is so rewarding - from making new sounds to rolling onto their tummies - each milestone is exciting.

5. Being needed - one of my favourite things about being a Mother is knowing that this little person is completely dependant on me ,for everything, it feeds the maternal instinct in me and I love to be nurturing and care for her. It's also what can make Motherhood seem daunting - being responsible for one tiny little life.

6. Giggles - there is nothing that beats the sound of baby giggles! Especially those very first ones.

7. Cuddles - not that Ella is a very cuddly baby but when she does cuddle into me - even for just a minute - it's enough to reduce me to a melting mess.

8. Automatic entrance into the Motherhood club - having a baby is like getting a special "invitation" to join the Motherhood club. Socialising with other Mums and their bubs is a great part of being a Mum, when other people get sick of talking about babies and bowel movements you are guaranteed to find another Mum who is more than happy to. 

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