Sunday 1 February 2015


I'm Tegan, a married 25 year old first time mum living in New Zealand. I spend most of my days either sat on the couch with my 9 week old daughter Ella attached to my boob (excuse the bluntness, you'll see a lot of this if you decide to follow me), doing endless loads of washing or, and I'm sad to admit this, glued to the computer screen checking Facebook and chatting to fellow mummies whose babies were due in the same month.

Being a first time mum I've discovered a lot of things about being pregnant and having a baby that I wish I had known before giving birth to my gorgeous girl. So, over the past couple of weeks, whilst sat prone on the couch contemplating where I could better spend my time, I decided to document my day-to-day thoughts and the endless discoveries that come with the joy of having a newborn. Whether anybody actually chooses to read this or not I am uncertain, but it will hopefully give me a place to channel my energies (not that there is a lot of energy left mind you) and to hopefully share the things I have discovered with other new or expectant Mothers.

So, if you decide to come with me on this journey, I thank you in advance and I also must warn you now the posts that follow are bound to be filled with TMI and will be generally pretty blunt in nature - I am not one to sugar coat things!

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