Wednesday 4 February 2015

The Wonder of the Wonder Weeks App!

You need it! That's basically all that needs to be said about the concept of Wonder Weeks. The Wonder Weeks app has to be my sanity saviour of the moment.

Here's why:

The theory of Wonder Weeks was developed by Dr Franz Plooji and suggests that the difficult fussy periods ALL babies go through is connected to the major "leap" in a baby's mental development. Now, the concept of Wonder Weeks is alot more in-depth than what I just explained so I suggest you check out The Wonder Weeks website for further information and FAQs.

Anyway, The Wonder Weeks app, download here,  tells you when your baby is due to make a significant "leap" in mental development through the use of calculations based on your baby’s due date. Each leap is mapped out on a chart which you can follow as your baby grows and develops.

Although this app is amazing there is a downside which is that if you decide to look ahead on your babies chart you are bound to get a tad depressed. Why? See all those blue lines with a thundercloud above it? (See the chart below) Well those are the "fussy" periods which show how long your baby is likely to be fussy for. If you look at Ella's chart, the little baby icon, you will see we are currently in the middle of a stormy period - lucky me - or a leap as it is known. Don't get disheartened though, this too shall pass, there is light at the end of that stormy tunnel and the sunny patches, the wonderful icon with sun above it, is when you can expect your baby to be alot happier once he or she has gone through that leap! The app also provides tips on how to deal with the "leaps,” what stage of development your baby is in and how to encourage that development.

If you, unlike myself, manage to exercise self-control and not torment yourself with the HUGE leaps charted then you'll be fine!

All jokes aside though, this app is an amazing parenting tool and I am glad I found it so early on in Ella's life because whenever I'm on the verge of pulling my hair out, all I need to do is look at the app and remind myself that it’s just a phase. 

It's amazing how accurate this app is, in my opinion, and how each fussy period Ella goes through seems to directly relate to a "leap" in her mental development. Whenever I wonder what the heck is going on with my child and why suddenly she's gone from a placid, calm baby to a screaming mess, the "leap" alarm goes off to remind me. It's also nice to see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and the leap will finish and my happy baby will return!

So if you’re interested in finding out about your babies mental development or you’re after a little bit of reassurance and support for when your baby is going through an unexplained fussy period, I suggest you download The Wonder Weeks app ASAP!

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