Thursday 12 February 2015

What's in my nappy bag...

Because we are all naturally nosy by nature, I know I am, getting an unrestricted sneak peek into somebody else's bag is something we'd all like to do - why? I don't know but I love watching these sorts of videos on youTube and because I have no idea what to write about today I thought I would do a "What's in my nappy bag?" post for a bit of fun.

B.C. (before children) I was never a handbag carrier more a wallet and keys carrier, I hated lugging around a handbag because it ALWAYS ended up getting filled with crap and never cleaned out. Now that I've had a child , much to my dismay, of course I have to carry a nappy bag and this one doubles as a handbag for all my own crap as well as hers.

The bag I have is similar to this one (but with white trim and zebra print lining) by Collette Dinnigan and comes with a changing mat:

It's a HUGE bag and holds everything bar the kitchen sink, the interior of the bag is wipeable for any spills or mess. It has two pockets for bottles, one big pocket and a zipped pocket on the inside. I love this bag as it can pass as a normal handbag and not necessarily a nappy bag.

The typical staple items that every woman with a baby or toddler carriers: Wet Wipes, I like using Water Wipes they are 99.9% water so no harsh additives, I got mine in a bulk pack of 4 from Nappies, I have some old Huggies Newborn ones, which she outgrew weeks ago, and a Huggies Infant sized nappy. Scented nappy bags, to store used nappies on-the-go. Disposable changing mats, these ones they gave me at the hospital.

Generally, you'll also find in here a change of clothes (in case of poonami's) a bottle, formula (if she's going to have a formula top-up) and a dummy I add these to the bag before I leave the house. I'll always keep a cardigan if it gets cool, there are 3 (goodness knows why) head bands and a pair of pre-walker Ladybug shoes. For Ella's entertainment we have, a "Glow worm" it's face lights up and sings a lullaby, she loves it! A plastic key teething toy and Elmo on a clip which I attach to her capsule.

For me, I keep an assortment of make-up, that I never get a chance to put on, NARS Sheer glow foundation, Revlon Lash Potion Mascara, NYX Lipglosses, a Wet n Wild eyeshadow palette and Garnier Moisture Match moisturiser. I keep my sunnies, Ray Bans, a portable phone charger, a pen and randomly a camera card.

My bag is actually a lot tidier than it normally is, usually you'll find receipts and all sorts of rubbish! Not a hugely exciting post today as I'm existing on only a few hours of sleep making my brain a bit slow. Luckily i've finished this post as Ella has just woken up after a very short 10 minute nap - oh joy! 

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