Sunday 29 March 2015

Ella's 4 month old update

I've been lagging in the blog post department over the last couple of days partially thanks to sleep deprivation and the infamous "four month sleep regression" Ella is currently going through. I'm struggling to stay focused and think properly. Honestly, I'm knackered - my good sleeping baby is now waking at least once per night, the other night was four times!

The four month sleep regression links to a big "leap" in mental development which is currently what we are experiencing. She is smack bang in the middle of "leap 4", a leap that lasts 6 long weeks.

In the last week she's moved into her cot in her own room, which was a big step for me to "let go".  She's learnt to roll from her tummy to her back, to the point now where as soon as I turn my back she's on her tummy. She's also started to roll onto her side, hopefully this is a sign she might be starting to try to roll onto her tummy. 

Her hands are constantly in her mouth, the drool is by the bucket load and I'm having to change her clothes a couple of times a day due to saturation. She's become very vocal and "chatty" and when she wakes up in the morning she is so happy to see me - it melts my heart!

Her interest in toys has increased and she's grabbing them to put them in her mouth but still managing to miss on occasion. One of her favourite toys is a hand knitted little doll which she has started to use as comfort for sleep, cuddling it and rubbing it all over her face.

It's amazing to see her developing and changing on a daily basis I just wish it would slow down a little bit! She's such a joy to be around and I'm loving spending my time with her! I'm trying to cherish every moment as much as I can, sometimes I feel as though if I blink I'll miss it all!

A bit of a basic blog post from me today sorry but my heads all over the place and I can't quite think straight. I'll be back next with yet another baby haul as I may or may not have done some more shopping!

Here's a little video of Ella trying to get the hang of her jolly jumper.

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