Tuesday 1 September 2015

Ella's 9 month update

Helloooooooo! Remember me? 

Yes, I am back. Finally. Things have been crazy over the past couple of weeks with me getting the hang of being, basically, a single parent. I feel like things are going alright so far and it helps that Ella has been pretty angelic over the past few days or so - with the exception of today might I add. We are flying down to Christchurch on Friday to spend the weekend with Tom - which happens to coincide with Father's Day - I will hopefully blog about what we get up to down there. I am so looking forward to this trip!

Yesterday, Ella was officially 9 months old which means we are three quarters of the way through her first year of life and counting down to that fast approaching one year milestone!

I weigh - 9.75kg (91st percentile)
I measure - 74cm long (91st percentile)
My head measures - 53cm (50th percentile)

I am:

- Eating three meals a day, sometimes with snacks in between.
- Having three bottles per day (down from four) morning, noon and before bed.
- Still sleeping twelve hours
- Not crawling still. I don't crawl, I roll! I can get onto my hands and knees but that's as far as it goes.
- I have just finished leap 6 - categories.
- I am starting to wave at people.
- I can occasionally clap my hands.
- I talk a lot! Mamamama, Dadadada, Nanananana, Bababababa.
- I can copy what Mummy says to me sometimes. For example, if she says Mamama or Dadadada - I can say it back.
- I have two teeth, which I didn't enjoy getting!

I love - 

- My family
- The cats and dog, I love to try and touch them - they won't let me though!
- Food! 
- Cheese and Yoghurt are my favourites.
- Playing in my walker.
- Talking to my reflection.
- When songs are sung to me.

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