Tuesday 15 September 2015

You know you're a Mum when... Part 3

I don't think I need to give much introduction to today's blog post considering as this is part 3, so without further ado here is "You know you're a Mum when..." 

1. You're so sick of your hair being pulled it's either permanently pulled into a bun, a ponytail or you just cut it all off.

2. Your nose is frequently scratched due to those little razor blades on the end of your child's hands - no matter how many times you clip them.

3. You NEVER see the bottom of your laundry basket - like EVER - and you dream about those days before children when you thought two loads of washing a week was bad let alone one or two every DAMN day.

4. You've got a billion tiny little baby socks but you can never ever find a matching pair.

5. Your house is never 100% clean, no matter how hard you try it just never seems to get finished! No sooner have you washed all the dishes and tidied the living room there is suddenly more dishes and more mess.

6. Your baby eats better than you do. You spend hours lovingly preparing delicious homemade baby foods for your little cherub so that by the time you've finished you're so exhausted all you can be bothered cooking for yourself - is toast.

7. You're ears seem to have a constant ringing with the sounds of baby squealing and screaming.

8. You seem to sing the same few nursery rhymes on REPEAT. There is only so many times you can sing "row, row, row your boat" or "the wheels on the bus" before you start to go a bit loopy.

9. Online shopping is considered to be entertainment these days. Not actual purchasing, just adding to the cart and then closing the window because you've added about $300 worth of stuff you REALLY want but don't actually need.

There  you have it, the latest installment of "you know you're a Mum when..."

Hit me with your best "Mummy-isms"!

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  1. Ha ha I can relate to all of these.
    You know your a mum when you can't go to the toilet in peace

  2. Ha ha I can relate to all of these.
    You know your a mum when you can't go to the toilet in peace