Wednesday 30 September 2015

It's not all bad...

I think I forget sometimes that I do have people that actually read my blog. I started this blog as an outlet for my thoughts, often, my frustrations and as a place to document my journey as a new Mum. 

One of the other reasons I started blogging was because I found there was a lack of honest and transparent opinions on parenting and the daily struggles parents face - but all too often don't share or admit to. This can lead to a somewhat blinkered view of what it's like to be a Mum when the reality is often quite different and even more so with social media these days where we only show the good and often not the "bad". That was certainly my view on what it would be like to have a baby and how it all just seemed so perfect and so lovely. Boy, did I get a wake up call.

I wanted to be HONEST and transparent. I wanted to be myself and not like I was trying to be this perfect Mother that wasn't flawed or who didn't struggle some days - that's not reality after all. It's ok to struggle, it's ok to cry and it's certainly ok to not be perfect. 

My goal was to share my experiences, the learning curves and the ups and downs of Motherhood, so that other Mum's might feel like they weren't alone, like they aren't the only ones going through those normal day-to-day struggles. To maybe help remind them that perfection doesn't exist, at least not in reality (on Facebook perhaps but we all know social media portrays an unrealistic image of our lives) you can't expect that it's always going to be rosy and perfect and you certainly can't be expected to be happy and chirpy all the time.

I think sometimes maybe I've achieved my blogging goal too much perhaps? Am I being too honest? Or sometimes my posts come across as being too negative? It's not my intention at all.

In all honestly though. Those slightly ranty blog posts are just the tiniest snapshot in my life because the reality is that any shitty day or bad moment that I may happen to go through is COMPLETELY and utterly forgotten when Ella grins at me, or giggles, or grabs my face with her little claws and sucks on my cheek. The tug on the heart strings when she wants ME her Mum - the person that helped create her and gave her life. The amazing moments far outweigh any tantrums or grizzly days. It's the most fulfilling role I've ever taken on, it's a privilege and a gift.

Becoming a Mother is like becoming a new person. It's becoming a better, more fulfilled person. Your life is not over, it's just altered slightly to accommodate these little people for whom you would do anything and everything for. Yea, it's tough but you're built for it and you just get on with because each day is a new one. 

It's true you don't know what it's like to be a Mother until you become one but when you do - you learn, you change, you grow, you adapt and you find out that you're stronger than you could have ever have imagined. The journey is amazing and 100% worth it!

Just remember, it's ok to have a bad day - it's normal - it's ok to cry, it's ok to wish for some time to yourself in a day that never seems to end, it's ok to not have all your shit together or to have a tidy house and it's ok to not "like" your child on the odd occasion because it definitely doesn't mean you don't love them any less it just means you're human - and we can't always like everyone! 

So, in future when you see my ranting and raving - remember, it's just a snapshot moment in a normal, fulfilling and eventful life full of ups and downs, the highs and lows that we all experience but I just document!

Being a Mum is the best thing I've ever done and she is without a doubt my greatest achievement!

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  1. Thank you for keeping it REAL Tegan! You are right, there's not many bloggers (well, who I follow) that tells it like it is...I can relate to your posts - it's like you took the words right out of my mouth! Thank you for being a inspiration, and a great mama to Ella!

  2. I prefer honesty, and I think most mums do too. We like to share in each others ups and downs. Keeping doing you gal xx