Friday 6 March 2015

Recent favourites - 3 Months Old

Now that we've hit the three month mark it's fair to say the tools I needed for the newborn age aren't as necessary at the 3 month. So, here are a bunch of my current baby related items I have found useful so far.

 1. Olive Baby Skin Care - For the first couple of months after Ella was born we didn't use any product on her skin (e.g no shampoos, body washes or wet wipes) purely because newborn skin is very sensitive. Now that she is over 3 months I wanted to start using some sort of body wash or shampoo that was gentle and natural on her skin. The Olive Baby Hair & Body Wash was a good choice containing natural ingredients, the main ingredient being extra virgin olive oil from Simunovich Olive Estate in New Zealand, and free from parabens, artificial colourants and preservatives, silicones, mineral oils and animal testing. It is also certified organic. It smells amazing and even cleared up Ella's cradle cap after a only couple of weeks of use! It's amazing and I would swear by it.

2. Nuk Milk Powder Stackable Container - Perfect for on-the-go formula storage with the capacity to hold up to 4 or 5 scoops of formula per container.

3. Water Wipes - When Ella was first born and for the following couple of months we used disposable cloths that we dampened with warm water it was a bit tedious having to go to the kitchen every time I needed a wipe and was difficult when we went out and about. Now though I only use Water Wipes and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. 99.9% water and 0.1% natural fruit extract these are those closest thing to natural you can get in a wet wipe. I bought mine online in a bulk pack of 4 from Mighty Ape.

4. Bright Starts Ingenuity Whimsical Wonders Automatic Bouncer - A battery powered bouncer with two different bouncing settings and plays music. This is great for when I either need to go to the bathroom or get something to eat etc. I can plonk her in it turn on the bouncer and leave her to it or I can drag it into the bathroom with me while I have a shower or in the kitchen whilst I do the dishes. Great for a bit of handsfree time.

5. Skip Hop Treetop Friends Activity Gym - Now that Ella is becoming more active and starting to reach for things  the activity gym is another saviour to give me a bit of break. Plonking her down underneath the bright and colourful toys, all of which make sounds, gives me about 10 mins respite. It's also great for tummy time as the bright mat provides another interesting focal point.

6. Lamaze My Friend Emily - This has to be her favourite toy, with the bright colours, crinkly skirt, rattle and rings, Ella will stare at it, chew on it and grab it for endless amounts of time.

7. Sophie Le Giraffe - The much hyped, talked about teething toy. She loves to chew on this, she's not all that co-ordinated but occasionally manages to jam it in her mouth rather than hit herself in the head. Hand painted and made from natural rubber Sophie is a hit!

8. Nuk Latex Soothers - Ah, I have a love hate relationship with these things. I love them because it soothes her for day sleeps and I hate them because I hate dummies! If I need to use them though, I would recommend these, made from latex and are orthodontically approved. Shaped nicely to comfortably fit her mouth.

So, there you have it my current favourite baby items. I'm always on the look out for parent approved items, so if you swear by something please don't hesitate to comment below!