Sunday 8 March 2015

Weekly recap

I've decided to start doing a weekly recap, maybe not every week as my life isn't that exciting but most weeks. I'll try to document and take photos of things we get upto during the week! Starting with the first week of Autumn - I can't believe Summer is technically over!


Hubby had the day off so we decided to take Ella for her first ever swim in a pool, she's just hit the three month mark and had her second round of immunisations. So, we headed to the Takapuna public pools and leisure centre. She wasn't quite sure what to make of it, she spent most of her time staring into the water, she's always been a water baby so I think she quite enjoyed it!

After our swim we had lunch at Portofinos and went for a walk around Takapuna and down to the beach, it was such a gorgeous day and the view wash't too bad either!


Today was spent doing nothing in particular, a relaxing day doing not alot and not getting out of my pyjamas.


Today I undertook my first "workout" post-partem, Ella chilled whilst I sweated. It was hell and a bit too intense considering it was my first workout since my C-Section. It was also a busy day on the farm, the maize was being harvested so hubby looked after Ella while I milked the cows for the first time since before giving birth.


Ella and I chilled out before our regular trip to the Plunket nurse for a check-up, Ella is now weighing 6.280kgs and is 62cm in length at 13.5 weeks and in the 75th percentile.


Was one of our weekly coffee group meet ups, we met at Charlies for ice cream and baby talk. FYI, Charlies do the best Gelato in the Rodney District! Afterwards, Hubby picked us up and we went out to lunch at the Matakana Kitchen.


Not hugely exciting, we did the groceries - a job I love to do...not!


The first time I've ever left my baby! Hubby shouted me, and my Brother-in-law shouted his FiancĂ©, to a spa pamper package for Valentines Day. So, that's what we did! Ella was an angel for her Nana and I coped with leaving her better than I thought I would. Was nice to be pampered and feel a bit like myself  again and not just someone's Mummy.

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